Cyber Security Consulting

Empowering Organization To Excel Towards A More Secure Future

Cyber Risk Services

Allow us to assess your current security structure, identify risks, define your target goal(s), and start implementing towards a safer, and more secure future.

Regulatory Compliance

Pass your audit with flying colors, assure your organization’s people, processes, and technologies are working in unison, towards a fully risk-aware culture.

Cyber Risk Management

Manage internal and external risk among people, processes, policies, and technology within and surrounding your organization.

Compliance Management

Let us handle your Compliance needs, taking the proper steps to assure compliance and prevent a breach.

Secure Software Development

Protect your applications from external threats with our multi-tiered packages, perfect for organizations of all sizes.

Managed Security Solutions

Gain confidence in your MSSP, we focus on security so your team can handle other business activities, improving effectiveness & efficiency.

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Continuous Compliance

Efficiently coordinate compliance across multiple divisions, decreasing day-to-day efforts while achieving asset security.

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Cloud Security

Secure your cloud environment with our various cloud security management packages perfect for any organization.

IoT round

IoT Defense

Improve peace of mind when dealing with the connected world, let our security engineers do the work.

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IT Security Testing & Scanning

Protect your assets and improve your applications in an everchanging environment with our various testing & scanning services.

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Manage Security Operations

We provide field-tested Managed Security Services, acting as your personal security team, exposing threats in real-time.

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Secure Development Operations 

The days of uncoordinated DevOps plans are over, we offer automation and insight into the SDLC, meeting your TTM goals.

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Client Testimonials

``I had the opportunity to work with Praetorian Secure on a very large project for a Fortune 100 company. Praetorian demonstrated an array of expertise providing guidance in the areas of DIACAP, NIST, and PCI. Integrity was a constant in every engagement with Praetorian. I would highly recommend their services and personally look forward to the opportunity to work with them again.``

Division IT Compliance Lead - Xerox - ACS

``I have been working with Praetorian Secure, LLC since last spring and I have been very happy with them. They were agreeable to working within the constraints of our industry sector and to help develop a package of services that met our needs and fit our budget. Their staff is filled with experts who brought their experience in diverse market segments to bear in our organization, delivering a big bang for the buck that went beyond our expectations. They worked hard to understand us so they could give us not just what we wanted, but what we needed as well.``

PCI Compliance Officer - Michigan State University

``Praetorian Secure has been instrumental in our efforts to achieve DIACAP accreditation. As a technology provider, we must undertake the task of ensuring our solutions meet the security requirements of the Department of Defense. With Praetorian’s expertise in this field, they have been a key partner in moving this process forward.``

VP of Operations - Qmatic

``I have worked with Praetorian Secure and would highly recommend this group of security professionals. My company engaged with Praetorian to enhance our systems security to meet the requirements of a large scale government contract. Praetorian brought a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to our project and guided us to success.``

President of Americas IT - MetLife

``The skilled security professionals at Praetorian Secure were key members of the project team. Their insights and knowledge, around government security requirements, were essential ingredients to the success of the program.``

Former VP and Program Lead - MetLife

``They provided professional and dedicated services that demonstrated their expertise with the DIACAP process. A true pleasure to work with.``

Associate Dean - Information and Education Technology - USMA

``Praetorian Secure was a knowledgeable and experienced component in our operation that provided expert services. Their professionalism and dedication to purpose in our critical solution was a necessary component in our overall success, a Job well done. ``

Director office of Information Assurance and Compliance - United Health

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