Our Story

About Us – Founded in 2009, in the State of Michigan, Praetorian Secure was developed by former U.S. Army Agents of the Certification Authority (ACA). Praetorian Secure, LLC is a technology-security leader and solution innovator. Our number one priority is to provide the customer with best-in-class solutions based on superior security and regulatory compliance knowledge and support. As well as constantly striving to develop new and better ways to serve its customers and business partners by advancing out solutions to the best possible fit for current standards.

We named our company after the proud and heroic, “Praetorian Guard”, which acted as the premier security-force of their time. Elite and focused, they were the best of the best at providing security and protection for the Roman military. We pride ourselves on the same foundation and approach in securing our client’s network and data assets as the Praetorian Guard did on securing their lands.

We offer a wide range of cybersecurity services and solutions including Cyber Risk Management, Managed Security ServicesRegulatory Compliance, and more. Having a full suite of solutions to support customer projects enables our clients to focus on their operational requirements and internal business. In addition to our IT security and compliance services, Praetorian Secure also offers specialized services such as:

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Join Praetorian Secure if you enjoy solving complex Cyber Security & Regulatory Compliance problems. We are always looking for qualified professionals.

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Team Differentiators

In any professional service, quality is ultimately determined by the skill of the practitioner. This is certainly true in the Cyber Security profession as well…

Praetorian Secure’s security experts represent some of the best security experts in the industry. We maintain industry recognized certifications (CISSP, Sec+, PCI QSA, MCSE, CCNA). Our team has been responsible for analyzing and securing the data assets of some of the world’s largest companies (MetLife, Xerox, HSBC, and more).

Recognized as thought-leaders through regular public speaking engagements at venues such as ISSA, Secure-World, and ISC2. Years of experience and training at the U.S. Department of Defense, General Dynamics, EDS, Perot Government System.  The well-traveled experiences allow Praetorian Secure’s team of veterans to deliver services and work product that is second to none in the security industry.

Just as important, these our resources have been chosen because their deep technical skill is only rivaled by their professionalism. They understand that the risk posed by an obscure security vulnerability or misconfigured security setting needs to be uncovered and communicated. We strive to put customers needs before our own, the client is our number one priority and assuring they remain content throughout the entire process.

Our Mission & Values

Praetorian Secure’s mission and core values are more than just words.

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The team has completed compliance implementations and assessments for clients such as MetLife, United Health, HSBC, Xerox, and US Army West Point. They know what clients are truly looking for in a security consulting partner.

Based on work with Fortune 100 & 500 companies, Praetorian’s team has gained significant experience and made several continuous improvements to our compliance programs and security testing & assessment approach. The end result is Praetorian Secure offers vast improvement from the common security consultants security approach & process. While we may not yet be one of the biggest names in the industry yet, but we pride ourselves on being one of the most respected and easiest to work with. To learn more about us and how we make an enjoyable partnership experience for all your security needs you can contact us here for more info or by phone at +1 (855) 519-7328.

Praetorian Secure's Clients

As IT Security consultants and Service Providers we deliver to a wide range of industries and companies of various sizes. Some of our clients include MetLife, United Health, Michigan State University, Xerox, HSBC, and more. We can provide further details of particular solutions, within the limits of normal business practice and due confidentiality upon reasonable request.

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