Security ProcessThe Praetorian Secure process is built around our skilled and knowledgeable resources, implementing reliable security practices and innovating to stay ahead of security threats


Our Process

Our process encapsulates IT Security and Regulatory Compliance principles to ensure your business is implementing appropriate security measures and protecting its assets. Here’s how we do it.

  • Total team considers appropriate mix of people, process, technology
  • Balance cost, schedule, performance and level of acceptable risk
  • Solutions are based upon “ Best Practices” that are continuously updated
  • Management and knowledge to execute projects of various sizes, complexity and diversity
  • Solutions are scalable, reliable, available, secure and adaptable to objectives

Regardless if your project is a simple assessment on a small system or is a comprehensive security framework implementation across multiple systems and thousands of devices, our process remains the same.


Recognize and Understand


Praetorian Secure looks at key business factors to determine appropriate services and products. There is no reason to underestimate or over-compensate to meet your goals. From the onset, we evaluate your business needs, size, and complexity while considering your program maturity as it relates to risk management, governance, compliance, confidentiality, integrity and availability.




It is essential to learn about internal and external assessment programs before recommending industry security best practices. Once an optimal environment is defined while considering management, operational and technical considerations, creating a gap analysis plan to meet expectations will make your project more efficient.




As IT Security and Regulatory Compliance consultants, it is our job to make sure your security framework includes enough layers of protection, change management, monitoring and ongoing program maintenance through your required life cycle. Praetorian Secure provides a framework based upon compliance requirements, business understanding and assessment results.




In the end, we deliver solutions that make your organization more secure. While it is imperative to have a sound strategy, Praetorian Secure knows that technical solutions includes providing technical guidance to software/hardware issues, mitigation development of documentation and applicable artifacts, and creating internal policies and procedures to meet the business needs.