pen-testingApplication security requires secure coding practices, risk management and rigorous application security assessment


Critical web and business applications are being attacked by cyber criminals for the purpose of stealing intellectual property, confiscating online bank account information, distributing viruses on other computers, disseminating confidential business information, and disrupting our country’s critical national infrastructure.  Compliance with regulatory statues and health laws requires protection of the data.

Internally, critical business processes depend on key application being available and remotely for strategic transaction processing and dissemination of business information.
Organizations need to be more vigilant in protecting their most sensitive and confidential corporate data assets.

The most significant change companies can make based on the application security breaches and cyber crime:

  • Integrate application security assessments into the software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Mitigate threats early in the requirements and design phase of the SDLC
  • Perform routine application pen testing
  • Formalize coding standards
  • Provide yearly application security training for developers
  • Enable and operationalize technologies such as SIEM
  • Install intrusion prevention systems at the network and host level
  • Implement risk management programs
  • Improve governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programs

Praetorian Secure delivers application security assessment services.  Additionally, we can help organizations improve application security through:

  • Analysis of the application architecture and documentation to better understand and evaluate risk
  • Application Security Assessment
  • Testing and verification both manual and automated with partner tools
  • Application Vulnerability Assessment
  • Remediation and mitigation planning technical, coding and process
  • Maintaining situational awareness and continuous monitoring throughout the SDLC phases
  • Application Security Policy Development
  • Consulting and integrating technical layered defenses

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