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The foundation of modern security relies on encryption technology to protect sensitive information and maintain user privacy. Conventional wisdom assumes modern encryption algorithms are safe because it would take an impractical amount of time for a brute force attack to successfully crack the encryption key used to protect data. However, it can be demonstrably shown that it is possible to “break” into encrypted files using plaintext-recovery techniques that do not rely on brute force attacks. The CipherLoc mission is to eliminate the flaws and inadequacies associated with today’s encryption algorithms in order to fully and securely protect the world’s data.

About CipherLoc

CipherLoc is a data security company that builds ironclad data protection solutions for businesses of all sizes.

CipherLoc’s technology dramatically enhances data security

  • Existing encryption algorithms can be broken in minutes using current techniques
  • CipherLoc’s patented polymorphic technology is not susceptible to plain-text recovery attacks: its solutions restore and strengthen the ability to protect data

CipherLoc’s software solutions can be easily added to existing products

  • Can be added to any existing product, application, or service within an existing security framework
  • Small footprint with low latency means it won’t slow a system down.

CipherLoc offers a scalable and future-proof technology

  • CipherLoc’s security & protection will actually improve as computational horsepower increases

CipherLoc keeps information safe in an increasingly insecure world. For more information, visit www.cipherloc.net