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CipherLoc Teams with Praetorian Secure to Bring Unprecedented Data Security and Communications

October 11, 2016, 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time – Austin, Texas

(BUSINESS WIRE) CipherLoc Corporation (OTCQB: CLOK), the data security company that enables an ironclad layer of data protection, has partnered with Praetorian Secure, LLC, a provider of security technology and solutions for organizations like the U.S. Army, United Healthcare, and Xerox. Praetorian Secure is now a full systems integrator for CipherLoc’s solution suite designed to protect enterprise data exchanges between mobile devices, desktops, laptops and cloud servers.

Praetorian Secure is integrating CipherLoc’s new data protection solutions suite, debuted in September 2016, into the security programs it builds for companies around the world. Many of Praetorian Secure’s customers face challenges in how best to protect data in an increasingly dangerous world. They also face regulatory compliance challenges in managing sensitive data, like HIPAA and PCI-DSS regulations. Praetorian Secure will use CipherLoc technology to help those customers protect data on a level that far surpasses what is possible today while simultaneously meeting compliance standards.

CipherLoc’s technology dramatically enhances data security

“CipherLoc offers the level of protection needed to secure encrypted communications in today’s increasingly insecure online world,” said Brent Bernard, CEO, Praetorian Secure. “Our relationship with CipherLoc will enable us in our mission to implement security solutions that provide an impenetrable defense, especially for the most sensitive and business-critical data.”

CipherLoc’s patented approach is a simple but powerful step that companies can take to protect their data. CipherLoc treats a data file as multiple, unique segments that are each individually protected, making it resistant to the attacks and vulnerabilities associated with modern encryption algorithms, which operate on a monolithic block of data. By simply adding a few lines of non-disruptive code, companies may secure and future-proof their data using CipherLoc technology without tearing down or building new infrastructure. The protection CipherLoc provides increases as computational horsepower increases, making it stronger and more resistant to attacks as technology advances. “Praetorian Secure is a true innovator in the security space, with years of experience assessing security risks and implementing safeguards at some of the world’s most respected brands and organizations,” said Mike Salas, VP Sales, and Marketing at CipherLoc. “It recognizes the urgent need to take data protection to unprecedented levels due to the increased sophistication of cyber-criminal activity. We’re happy to be an integral part of Praetorian Secure’s initiative.”

About Praetorian Secure, LLC

Praetorian Secure, LLC is a technology-security leader and solution innovator. Our number one priority is to provide our customer with best-in-class solutions based on superior security and regulatory compliance knowledge and support. Praetorian offers a wide range of information technology (IT) security and regulatory compliance solutions, including DIACAP, Risk Management Framework (RMF), PCI DSS, HIPAA, and ISO 27001. Having a full suite of solutions to support customer projects enables our clients to focus on their operational requirements and internal business. In addition to our IT security and compliance services, Praetorian Secure also offers specialized services such as (click on highlighted links to find out more):

Penetration Testing

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Risk Management Analysis

Manage Security Operations

Secure DevOps

Founded in 2009, Praetorian Secure is constantly striving to develop new and better ways to serve its customers and business partners. Our company was named for the historical team “Praetorian Guard”, which acted as the premier security-force of their time. Elite and focused, they were the best at providing security and protection for the Roman military. We pride ourselves on the same foundation and approach when securing our client’s network and data assets. For further information please click on our contact page or call 1.855.519.7328.