Third-Party Risk Assessment

Manage & Eliminate  Third-Party Risk, Don’t Let Costs Deture You From Seeing The Truth, Most Breaches Occur Due To Unsecured Third-Party Partner.

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Where Should You Begin?

Some organizations go to a third party to reduce internal cost, time, effort, etc. In blind hopes that this company who is performing said service will be adherent and proactive at managing their own risk, this is not always the case. After Extending your enterprise by enlisting third-party support you immediately inherit that parties risk. Every organization is under high scrutiny from regulators to manage its supplier(s)/manufacturer(s)/vendor(s) third-party risk more effectively. We deliver an effective third-party risk solution for your organization, by creatively solving your risk assessment needs.

Our past clients realized that If they did not assess their third-party risks, they could not properly manage their internal and external operations. We provide your organization with one-off and full risk assessment and management services based on the size and scope of your existing environment but completing a simple risk assessment is not always the best option for the long-term. If you need something that is more permanent, try out our continuous compliance solutions.

Foundation Is Key

Outsourcing by no means removes any responsibility or liability from your organization. Managing third-party risk has become increasingly complex with the sheer number of parties involved. Building a strong foundation is key, planning how to manage this risk in your relationships is essential to your business continuity. That is why we Assess for performance and not just risk. Sometimes it is not about the financial risks, bad contractors can bring your business processes to a halt. That is why we provide services that account for risks at every angle.