Praetorian Secure offers a compliance framework for meeting the requirements and regulations governed by federal, DoD, state and local mandates


IT regulatory compliance pressures are at an all-time high with organization throughout the world.  These compliance challenges often impact multiple areas within a business and can cover several industries.  At Praetorian Secure, we understand these varying obligations and have developed a structured approach to prioritizing and managing the IT controls and maintaining a balance with your compliance records management system.

With our innovative process for managing compliance, Praetorian Secure allows our clients the opportunity to focus on the business mission and allow for their existing IT environment to operate with a consistent IT compliance management framework into the future.

Compliance Management Framework:


Praetorian Secure LLC Compliance Services

Praetorian Compliance Process:

__A) Document Policy and IT Control Environment

Praetorian Secure will work closely with our clients on drafting the necessary IT policy and control documentation needed for compliance and assist in implementing these policies/procedures within the environment.  This will serve as the foundation for an organizations governance model for all future compliance initiatives.  Policy and procedures will cover:

  • Management of IT Controls
  • Organizational Communication of Controls
  • Monitoring and Auditing of Controls
  • Enforcing Compliance Requirements
  • Incident Response

__B) Assign Compliance Management Oversight

In order for your governance model and compliance framework to be effective, strong oversight and management needs to be involved.

  • Executive level accountability for compliance-related objectives
  • Assign IT Control responsibilities
  • Delegate authority across the IT landscape
  • Assign appropriate resources (staff and budget)

Establish strong and open lines of communication

__C) Require Access Control to Information

Praetorian Secure recognizes that one of the greatest risks to organizations trying to implement a compliance program and meet regulatory requirements is the internal threat from disgruntled employees, contractors and partners.  For this reason, we work with our customers on the development of background screening and access control(s) implementation.

  • Conduct thorough background checks on all employees, contractors and business partners
  • Implement identity management and provisioning for access to IT systems
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) implementation
  • Change Control management
  • Conduct routine and unscheduled reviews of personnel and contractors with privileged access

__D) Compliance Awareness and Training

As part of many compliance requirements is the on-going training and education of employees to a specific requirement.  Our knowledgeable staff works with our clients to build and maintain an overall compliance training program.

  • Integration of Compliance requirements into the corporate ethics program
  • Active policy communication and education
  • Annual required training for all employees
  • Implementation of Acceptable User Policy/Training and Policy Adherence
  • Real-time notification of relevant regulatory requirement changes

__E) Monitor and Audit IT Controls

In today’s ever-changing IT environments, it is imperative that a solid monitoring and auditing approach be adopted to ensure an effective IT compliance program is functioning properly.

  • Review of policy, operational and technical controls
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) reviews
  • Detective, preventive and corrective controls implemented
  • Documentation and explanation of compensating controls

__F) Enforce IT Control Environment and Incident Response

No compliance program can be considered effective in meeting the regulatory requirements until it can consistently enforce policies and controls throughout the environment.  In addition, the ability for an organization to prevent and respond to compliance violations is equally important.  To adhere to this concept, Praetorian Secure works to:

  • Promoting open communication and reporting of violations
  • Implement systematic approach to incident investigation
  • Establish post-incident evaluation process and develop “lessons learned” approach
  • Maintain an Incident Response team and procedures
  • Obtain legal counsel for when incidents occur


Praetorian Secure is staffed with industry-leading security and regulatory compliance experts ready to meet our client’s requirements.  Whether it PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, NIST, GLBA, ISO27001 or DIACAP, we stand committed to our framework and devoted to our customer to achieve compliance.  For our customers, the result is a fine-tuned environment of IT compliance and a structured approach for managing information security.


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