PCI QSAPCI Qualified  Security Assessor (PCI QSA) Services, Praetorian Secure Helps All Levels of Merchants, Service Providers, Company’s, and Small Business with Compliance Requirements.



PCI QSA  Service Company


As a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (PCI QSA), Praetorian Secure offers complete PCI QSA Services designed to help organizations of all sizes prepare for PCI compliance, better protect and validate adherence  to PCI DSS requirements where cardholder data or sensitive authentication data is stored, processed, or transmitted.

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) relies on approved PCI companies like Praetorian Secure to help organizations reduce the risk of card data loss, breaches and liability to each of the major card brands (American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard, and Visa Inc.) with QSA Services.

Praetorian Secure’s streamlined PCI QSA validation process and detailed quality assurance program focus on efficient implementation of a prioritized approach, in parallel with accurate validation of the 12 PCI DSS requirements, experienced consulting advice providing remediation strategies to help organizations meet PCI compliance, and focus on generating required compliance reporting documentation based on the PCI SSC and card brand recommended best practices.


PCI Assessment  PCI QSA Services


Praetorian Secure provides PCI assessments and consulting services to help organizations understand and improve their cardholder data environment (CDE) security posture as it relates to PCI DSS. The PCI assessment includes a detailed validation of our clients adherence to the PCI Data Security Standard. We work closely with you compliance team to assess your internal people, processes, and technology efficiently to determine if the security requirements of PCI DSS are “in place”.

At the end of the PCI assessment we will help you attest to the results of  our PCI DSS assessment with a properly documented attestation of compliance (AOC), report on compliance ROC), or support filling out your self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ).  Additionally, we will provide detailed reports technical vulnerability reports will be provided with an executive summary of risks for mitigation planning.


Praetorian Secure helps organizations prepare and meet PCI DSS by providing the following QSA services:

  • PCI Readiness Assessments  – prior to formal QSA validation understand how your implementation compares to the PCI data security requirements
  • Security Policy Document Creation – if your implementing or refining your PCI policies and practices we can support creation and updates to your security polices to better demonstrate compliance.
  • Penetration Testing – identify weaknesses and the potential for exploitation in your CDE.
  • Internal scanning & coordination of external Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) – Praetorian Secure has relationships with ASV partners to make your life easier.  We can reduce your effort by scheduling external scanning in connection with PCI.
  • PCI Remediation & Mitigation Consulting – we can support your organizations internal resources to provide mitigation and remediation plans minimizing your effort in improving defenses of your CDE.
  • PCI Risk Assessment – find our more about how a prioritized risk approach can benefit your PCI program.
  • Security Engineering – after receiving the results of your internal and external vulnerability scanning we can help improve your security configuration problems with expert security engineering.


PCI QSA Compliance Reporting


In addition to PCI Assessment Services, Praetorian Secure provides PCI QSA consulting and QSA reporting services for the purpose of attesting PCI compliance. Our team will supplement your resources and integrate seamlessly with your team to make meeting the data security requirement easier.

Each of the payment brands set compliance level requirements based on the number of transactions, origin of operation (multiple countries/regions), and if an entity has been previously compromised. Validating how and where payment card data is processed, transmitted and stored can only occur after the merchant and/or service provider has implemented the PCI DSS Requirements and a formal assessment has taken place.

Hiring a certified Qualified Security Assessor to proper PCI validation and submission of  the proper documentation will help ensure each card brand acknowledges your PCI compliance.  We support PCI DSS and QSA reporting for the following; Self -Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), Report on Compliance (ROC), and Attestation of Compliance Forms (AOC’s).  With all the PCI compliance level requirements from each card brand we will make sure your organizations meets the card brands requirements for reporting PCI assessment results based level 1,2,3,4 PCI compliance requirements.