USAF_LogoThe mission of the United States Air Force IT organizations is clear and unwavering: support the war fighter and deliver results throughout all domains. Yet this mission faces such resource challenges as limited manpower and shrinking budgets.  As their primary objective has always been to provide the war-fighter with new technologies and battlefield capabilities, the need for adoption of a new approach has been made clear.


Lean integration is this new approach for the USAF.  It is based on proven lean manufacturing methods that synchronize people, processes, and materials to eliminate wasted effort and resources. Lean integration is a combination of lean data management and agile data integration.


The goal of IT Lean is to:

GOALS of USAF IT Lean Adoption

Reduce O&M Costs Leverage Cloud and Big Data
Create higher quality, lower risk interfaces Accelerate access  to information
Create Event-driven architecture Enhance situational awareness



Praetorian Secure supports organizations conducting business with the USAF on a variety of contract engagements.  Our engineers understand the requirements of IT Lean and can be seamlessly integrated into your project team to support the mission.
With our staffing and consulting at your service, we are confident that your organization will:

  • Safely retire legacy systems and applications.
  • Properly secure the adoption of cloud computing for your systems/solutions.
  • Abide by the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) triad for delivering your service(s) to the USAF.


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