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Meeting with Congressman Smiley About IT Security Legislation

March 4, 2013 – Grand Blanc, Michigan – Praetorian Secure senior leadership held a closed-door meeting this afternoon with U.S. Congressman Charles Smiley and some of his staff to discuss various IT Security legislation and initiatives within the United States and the State of Michigan.

As Praetorian Secure continues to grow and push several of their campaigns with regards to the cyber-security amongst our nations most protected assets, the attention and support of congressional leaders is something that assists with their cause.  Praetorian Secure Chief Executive Officer Brent Bernard offered some insight into their most recent meeting “Congressman Smiley wanted to let us know of some of the new IT Security legislation being invoked at both the federal and state levels, and tried to offer us some additional insight on where some of our thoughts and ideas may be put to use.”  He further added, “it’s nice to see our leaders make efforts to aid business leaders in the community and offer their assistance in making matters such as cyber-security a priority.”

Congressman Smiley urged Praetorian Secure to continue with the surge in pushing IT Security legislation and cyber-security awareness both at the local and national level while offering his offices assistance with staying connected to key leaders on both the national and state legislative office.

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