Continuous compliance has becomeĀ a requirement for most regulatory bodies. For some organizations, this can pose a challenge, as constant monitoring can require a large number of resources. At Praetorian Secure we understand the burden this can put on your organization and have set up a plan to streamline this process.

Our team can review policy, scan, and test your organization to test for compliance on your schedule. With experience with both small and large organizations, we will be able to get you compliant quickly and effectively.

Continuous Compliance

Reduce the difficulty and cost of preparing for an audit

Constantly monitoring your organization will result in a decrease in time and effort required to prepare for a security audit. Our reporting will give you the necessary information to streamline the process of preparing for a security audit.


Constant monitoring of controls with real-time alerts

Without constantly monitoring your controls, you would not know of a control failure until the next security audit. Our team will make sure to monitor and alert of any control failures so that your organization can focus on other tasks. This will ensure stronger, more resilient, organization-wide security.


Quicker recovery when a system is compromised

With our team monitoring not only your organization but policies, we will help you detect and respond to breaches in an efficient manner. Continuous compliance is becoming a necessity for many organizations. If you would like to learn more about what we can offer your organization please contact us.

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