Praetorian Secure provides a variety of services including policy review. Evaluating risks and the effectiveness of our client’s response plan is our primary goal when conducting an assessment. We accomplish this for our customers by reviewing, analyzing, reporting, and then repeating this process until all issues have been resolved.

In the case that your company is one of many with regulatory compliance requirements, we can provide a cybersecurity policy review based on one or many frameworks. Designing custom solutions for organization’s in need of complying with federal, state, and industry guidelines is our specialty.

Our analysis will review policies and procedures within your existing IT system ensuring that policies aren’t just in place but are enforced and effective. This is based on a proper evaluation, and we have been operating in this field for over +15 years, providing seasoned advice. Ensuring your cybersecurity policy exceeds standards and supports your future business objectives.

Let our team our experts help your team remain vigilant on other tasks while we handle your incident response policy needs. We also provide policy development services and third-party risk assessment service solutions. If you would like to learn more about our services and solutions contact us here or via phone at +1 (855) 519-7328.

Policy Review

The Process We Follow:

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Looking to Have Your Cybersecurity Policy Reviewed?