DevOps Security

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What Is DevSecOps?

Companies are constantly trying to meet strict timelines when developing applications and that is why DevOps security is becoming favored over agile and waterfall methodologies. At this point in time, the increased emphasis on quick iterations and competitive pressures security and compliance priorities are experiencing challenges. Mostly because security tools, processes, and policies need to be modified to ensure we are still managing risk without sacrificing the competitive edge and speed of releasing new features to customers. Important to realize is Secure Development Operations that require integration of tools within the development tool chain without slowing the speed of development workflow.  

DevOps vs. DevSecOps

The development process is often conducted without a focus on security implementation until later stages. Surprisingly, apps and software often undergo insufficient security testing prior to release with the traditional DevOps model. In essence, a DevSecOps model integrates security throughout the software release pipeline, which provides better security measures. 

Challenges of Secure Development Operations

  • Establishing clear channels of communication
  • Creating a secure DevOps culture within organization
  • Achieving full DevOps security maturity can be complex

Benefits of Integrating Secure DevOps in an Organization

Minimize weaknesses in your programs by adopting DevOps security practices to provide reliable software.