Risk Management

enterprise-risk-managementEnterprise Risk Management at Praetorian Secure covers all aspects of risk management.  Starting with the initial identification of risk, through risk assessment, our security experts will work with you to evaluate the impact of that risk, introduce proper mitigation steps and of course the monitoring and management of potential incidents.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that proper risk management fundamentals are instilled into the organization and that this framework is supported by policy and procedural implementation.  With so many organizations facing multiple compliance objectives, adopting an internal risk management framework will prove to satisfy not only internal control requirements, but improve the overall security posture of the environment.

Our enterprise risk management services encompass:


  • Alignment of risk and strategy by evaluating alternative solutions and developing internal mechanisms to manage related risks.
  • Enhance risk response and incident handling.  Praetorian Secure will introduce innovative solutions to risk avoidance, reduction, sharing and acceptance of risk.  Ultimately, you will become familiar with identifying potential events, establishing appropriate responses, and reducing the expense and loss associated.
  • Identify and manage multiple and cross-enterprise risks.  With the evolution of technology, comes the evolution of risk.  Our clients are trained to facilitate effective responses across the enterprise and manage multiple avenues of risk from a central framework.
  • Seize opportunity.  With the introduction of risk management across the enterprise, senior-level management will be positioned to identify and proactively realize opportunities by considering the full potential of events.

Risk Management Services


Praetorian Secure, LLC brings years of experience in risk management practices to your internal team.  To learn more about enterprise risk management solutions or related-services, please click the links below to read more about one of our following services:


Infrastructure Assessments


Infrastructure Assessment professionals at Praetorian Secure use the top security software tools and advanced techniques to simulate an attaInfrastructure Assessment

cker or disgruntled employee trying to exploit your IT infrastructure for the purpose of impacting your application availability or stealing precious data.


Proactively gauging the strength of your infrastructure security defenses and controls will allow you to mitigate weaknesses effectively, and plan upgrades to your defense and controls  to maintain an appropriate level of risk that is right for your organization, and protect your sensitive data.


Currently, there is little room for operating an IT Infrastructure without understanding the risks to business operations.  Proper planning and routine Infrastructure Security Assessments by a third party security professional are sufficient and effective ways to maintain awareness of potential threats and position the proper protection.


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