Enterprise Security


Enterprise Security Services


Enterprise security must have effective governance, risk assessment, defense and control measures to stop a myriad of risks.  Attackers are committed to stealing a variety of confidential data, for example, financial records, intellectual data, consumers personal information, and leading edge intellectual property.


The increasing level of breaches have caused the executive leaders to consider overall counter measures to balance risk with the everyday operational business needs. Everyone should be concerned with the level of enterprise security within their organization and how to best utilize limited internal security resources.


This is why enterprise security services and professional services from a third party security company have become so important. Praetorian Secure offers solutions for delivering professional security services to help recognize and understand each client’s current security posture, assess risk, and consult as trusted third party advisors providing comprehensive solutions as an insurance policy against attacks.


Praetorian Secure has IT Security and Compliance Professional on staff that are certified and able to supplement the security expertise needed. We have provided enterprise security solutions to fortune 100 and 500 companies in the insurance, banking, software and all military branches. The following information will give you more information on our related enterprise security services.

Compliance Management


Compliance Management


Compliance management and regulatory pressures are at an all time high with organizations and industries throughout the world.  These compliance challenges often impact multiple areas within a business and can cover several industries.


At Praetorian Secure, we understand these varying obligations and have developed a compliance management approach to prioritizing and managing the people, processes, and technology while maintaining a balance with your compliance records management system.


With our innovative process for managing compliance, Praetorian Secure allows our clients the opportunity to focus on the business mission and allow for their existing IT environment to operate with a consistent IT compliance management framework into the future.


Some of the compliance mandates we specialize in are:

NIST 800-53
DIACAP (all branches of the DoD)
ISO 27001

Governance and Risk


Governance and Risk


Governance and risk is an umbrella term covering an organization’s approach across these three areas (Governance, Risk, and Compliance). These activities are increasingly being integrated and aligned to some extent in order to avoid conflicts, wasteful overlaps and gaps.


Not only is it important to have a governance and risk program but also to have top down commitment to IT governance and compliance.  Any type of Security program that does not have the support of the whole organization is bound to fail.


As IT Security and Regulatory compliance experts, Praetorian’s team delivers proven solutions to improve governance and reduce risk through consulting support and proprietary programs to improve security.


How can we help with governance and risk?  Praetorian has developed a Governance, Risk and Compliance program called RACE used to help companies implement appropriate security governance.

The Praetorian RACE Process encapsulates the principles of GRC to ensure your business is implementing appropriate security measures and protecting assets.  The process is explained in our related services:


Enterprise Mobility




Praetorian Secure can assist with all aspects of creating an enterprise mobility program, with the goal of providing a useful and secure mobile device.


Ask yourself how your organization is going to handle the multitude of  mobile devices being brought into your company with the new age of bring your own device (BYOD). Permitting employees to bring personally owned mobile devices to their workplace for the purpose of using those devices to access privilege company information and application.


This trend creates a challenge for any organization with the already complex nature of information technology and business operations.  Praetorian Secure can help ease the challenges with our professional consulting service for enterprise mobility.


Better yet check out our services and solutions for implementing an enterprise mobility program that’s safe and secure.

Professional Services


Professional Security Services


Our Professional Services helps clients strategically move forward with governance risk and compliance, secure architecture design, implementation of mobility programs, operating networks securely, and operationalizing security software products.


The ultimate goal is improved security and lower risk from people, processes and technology. From security assessment to risk management, we take the complexity out of IT security and compliance management, so you can focus on improving value with your customer and running your business smoothly.


With our experience in developing and implementing security strategies, we can help design a solution that addresses your specific needs and compliance requirements, all  while reducing risk and minimizing the financial burden usually associated with a firm security posture.


Our Security Professional Services can help you:


  • Build, operate and maintain with a high-level of security
  • Perform risks assessment across your entire enterprise over time
  • Baseline compliance with PCI-DSS, DIACAP, NIST, ISO, HIPAA
  • Increase the security of application development processes and web applications
  • Implement, control, manage, and monitor mobile devices and applications
  • Architect and perform security engineering to improve defense and controls
  • Augment security resources for critical projects

Healthcare  Security


Healthcare Security


Healthcare security solutions are becoming very important with electronic medical records being required by the government.  Praetorian Secure has developed a full healthcare security portfolio and program to support doctors, medical clinics and insurance plans.  These healthcare solutions are an invaluable insurance plan against financial loss from litigation.


All covered entities should partner with a knowledgeable healthcare security organization to assist with bringing clarity to the roles and responsibilities under the Affordable Health Care Act.  Healthcare organizations continue to underestimate the high costs of data breaches due to compliance failure with HIPAA and HITECH, thus increasing legal liability through enforcement of civil fines and possible criminal convictions.


As with most compliance regulations and requirements, an important area to concentrate initial efforts with is the area of risk management.  With effective risk management an organization can enhance their understanding of several aspects within their firm.  From a standpoint of HIPAA compliance, risk management would provide reductions in security breaches, assist in maintaining a positive public image, improve potential insurance liability ratings, identify critical assets within the organization, and provide a framework for continuous improvement for security-related issues.


An important piece of our healthcare security solutions is risk assessment or risk analysis, which is a basic requirement as referenced by the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule.  This is important because it provides you with a “snapshot” of the organization and baselines where you stand from a compliance perspective. Our healthcare security solutions can assist you with providing information about appropriate risk assessments and the proper tools utilized to conduct a thorough review.


Check out a list of our services below:


  • HIPAA compliance consulting
  • HIPAA Gap Analysis
  • Healthcare security program and policy development
  • Annual Risk assessment
  • Asset Inventory
  • Risk Management and Mitigation
  • Procedural and Policy Mapping
  • Employee Awareness Training