Over several years of working with the DoD and being actively involved in high-level Commercial working groups, we are fully aware of current trends and active FISMA Compliance related guidance. Equipped with this knowledge, we developed a custom-tailored approach to preparing clients for positive accreditation with risk management framework at its core. If you would like more information on our FISMA Solutions please feel free to contact us here or via phone at +1 (855) 519-7328.

Praetorian Secure's FISMA Compliance Solution Program Phases

Initiation Phase – preparation; notification and resource identification; and system security plan analysis, update, and acceptance

Security Certification Phase – security control assessment and security certification documentation

Security Accreditation Phase – security accreditation decision and security accreditation documentation

Continuous Monitoring Phase – configuration management and control, security control monitoring, and status reporting and documentation

FISMA Compliance

When it pertains to FISMA compliance, agencies face a dual responsibility. First, is to meet the specific requirements established by NIST in support of the FISMA requirements; and second, is to be able to provide a risk-appropriate level of assurance that critical information security controls are operationally effective and producing the intended outcomes.

Additional FISMA-related services we provide include:

Document/Artifact Creation:

  • System Security Plan (SSP)
  • Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M)
  • Risk Assessment Report (RAR)
  • Process and Procedural Review

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