Managed Mobile Security Services

With the increasing popularity and extraordinary features of today’s smart-phones, mobile device security is gaining much needed attention. Beyond email and data capabilities, mobile technology have reached into back-end systems and network infrastructure which can lead to destructive consequences if not handled and addressed correctly.

At Praetorian Secure we realize the benefits and importance of mobile devices being utilized in the corporate work space, but we also understand the increasing security challenges that it presents. Our services are designed specifically to help protect critical business assets and provide the privacy required by your connected users.

Praetorian Secure Managed Mobile Security Services provide:

  • Malware & Virus protection
  • Secure connectivity
  • Access Control
  • Governance and Policy Development
  • Regulatory Compliance requirements

In addition to our Managed Mobile Security services, Praetorian Secure provides our clients with unparalleled support in delivering Mobile Risk Management services, mobile security planning, and secure development of applications. Clients experience:

  • Expert consulting with mobile device planning and strategy for the enterprise
  • Software/App security development and code review
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Management capability

To learn more about Praetorian Secure and the variety of security services we provide please contact us at 855.519.7328 or click here to fill out an online form and one of our certified engineers will work with you on tailoring a service to meet your requirements.