Managed Security Testing and On-Demand Penetration Testing


Praetorian Secure managed security testing conducts high-end application vulnerability and penetration testing services for a number of clients across all levels of industry.

In providing these services, our eyes and ears have been open to the frustrations that IT security can be for our customers.

Managed Security Testing


At Praetorian Secure, we realize that your business relies on critical infrastructure as the core to meeting customer requirements.  With that in mind, we have launched On-Demand Penetration Testing services to test your security when you are ready, at a moment’s notice.


Managed Security Testing Offering:


  • On demand penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and web application auditing
  • On demand Application Code Review, Binary Static and Application Testing
  • Affordable alternative to out-sourcing IT security workforce
  • Expert IT Security engineers, with years of practical experience performing audits and assessments of complex network infrastructure environments
  • Accurate and verified reports available quickly
  • Proof of exploitation and screen shots
  • Relative risk recommendations, resolution and mitigation available
  • Unlimited testing for a flat fee
  • Test your application after every release during the development stage


With our advanced security engineering team using the latest in industry approved tools, Praetorian Secure provides our customers with a cost-saving approach for tackling the most difficult of security tasks.   Gone are those days of scheduling difficulties with 3rd-party vendors and tasking your internal team with unattainable security goals.   We work with our clients to provide you with the capability for high-quality testing whenever you need.


Call us today to schedule a free phone consultation and to learn more about a variety of IT Security services provided by Praetorian Secure.