Vulnerability Management


Praetorian Secure offers practical ways to identify, classify, remediate, and mitigate vulnerabilities for our clients as part of our Vulnerability Management program.

With modifications being applied to business networks on such a frequent basis, vulnerabilities can appear unannounced and quite frequently could have been resolved with an effective vulnerability management strategy.

Whether the culprit be patch management, changes in network security policy, or reconfiguration of software/applications, having a solid program in place that allows for monitoring of vulnerabilities through every step of the process is crucial to the overall security posture of your organization.

With extensive experience in the IT Security industry, our engineers work with our clients to implement an affordable and sustainable vulnerability management program that is easy to implement and effective at handling the ever-changing network landscape.


Vulnerability Management Approach


Vulnerability Management



Praetorian Secure offers the knowledge and support to make a positive impact on the way your organization handles vulnerabilities.  With implementation of our proven vulnerability management program and by taking advantage of our On-Demand Vulnerability Scanning, our clients operate with the peace-of-mind that their environment is secure and easy to manage.


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