Managed Security Solutions are no longer an after-thought; every business must consider the security of their data and communications. Companies need to examine their risk factors and mitigate them as soon as possible. Data loss and compliance matters are often high on this list of concerns, but it’s important to never lose sight of your most important asset: your business’s reputation. Our Managed Security Solutions are an extension of existing security operations bringing people, processes, and technology together in a way that allows our customers to grow and improve with every step.

Security is an ever-shifting landscape of threats and responses, and Praetorian Secure diligently helps clients remain protected and secure. Working directly with your CSO or security team, taking a proactive approach to securing any clients business environments and ensures that our client’s public image, name, and data are protected. We communicate regularly with our clients, updating them constantly throughout the entire process to create a solid line of communication and understanding.

One of the biggest misconceptions related to managed security is that if a business has an IT Department there is no need for outsourcing, but the truth is most are already tied up with existing security concerns and could use help monitoring and completing menial day-to-day tasks. That’s where we come in… providing exclusive Managed Security solutions developed around your existing budget if necessary delivering high-value services without paying extra for unwanted or unneeded items that do not fit your needs.

Our suite of Managed Security Solutions and operations has many levels and add-on products to help businesses build their optimal security solution, learn more below:

Praetorian Secure's Managed Security Solutions

Threat Management

We will Detect Cybersecurity threats from within your environment using the latest technology in detection and prevention.

  • Managed Endpoint Protection

  • Managed Firewall

  • Managed IDS and IPS

  • Managed Web App Firewall

Vulnerability Management

Protect your data & infrastructure with our total package including scanning, testing, & remediation services.

  • Managed Security Testing

  • Network Device Review

  • Managed Email Security

  • Application Scanning

Compliance Management

Handle your compliance requirements easily, deploy and manage best practices with help from the experts.

  • Cyber Risk Management

  • Continuous Compliance Monitoring

  • Security Awareness Training

  • Partner Security Audit

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