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Praetorian Secure has put together a very diverse range of IT Security Services and Regulatory Compliance Programs that fit any market or industry. Also, We can meet the Information Security Consulting needs of any client. We have demonstrated experience performing in the following markets; The Department of Defense (DoD), financial institutions, insurance organizations, healthcare, commercial government contractors, education, legal and law enforcement, retail and manufacturing.

Lastly, Our customized, direct-to-client driven security programs can add tremendous value to any organization. See our diverse range of security services, solutions and compliance programs we have for each market/ Industry below. If you are interested in learning more contact us here or by phone at +1 (855) 519-7328.

Corporate / Enterprise


Our corporate & Enterprise solutions are designed to meet all organizational needs from a full-scale security perspective. With experienced on-staff consultants, we can better serve our clients needs in a timely, well-informed manner. We can help your organization define its strategy, deploy the proper security tools, identify threats & risks, and ensure future protection.



Let Praetorian’s security engineers guide your company with comprehensive risk management, certification & accreditation (C&A) planning, artifact documentation, policy creation & mapping and auditing experience. Our team ensures all applicable software baselines are reviewed against Security Technical Implementation Guidelines (DISA, NIST, NSA) to ensure a robust security design and configuration is in place. Our services are designed to help you achieve US Federal Government Compliance (NIST, FISMA, RMF, MARS-e, & HIPAA).



According to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, the education sector ranked sixth overall in the US for the total number of reported “security incidents” last year. Universities, in particular, are constantly at risk because most have medical facilities and equipment on-site. As well as any research being done is typically documented and then stored virtually with minimal security measure in place. From colleges and universities to secondary education facilities, Praetorian Secure ensures systems and data are safe by providing a secure environment for students and faculty alike.



Within energy companies worldwide, cyber threats and successful intrusions continue to increase every day and many governments are treating these crimes as an act of war. Praetorian Secure understands the need to lock down a company’s network infrastructure access as they are one of biggest targets for cybercriminals and disgruntled employees within today’s hacking community. We offer programs, processes, and experienced experts ready to harden any IT environment and implement compliance measures to meet regulations and standards. Praetorian Secure has the knowledge and processes to tailor a cost-effective and successful IT Security and Regulatory Compliance program for all energy companies. Our programs go beyond basic monitoring and integrate with each energy customer’s unique environment to ensure mission-critical operations remain protected.

Financial & Insurance


Banks, brokerage firms, mortgage lenders, credit unions, insurance companies and financial clearinghouses are fighting cybercrimes and threats in recent years more than ever before. Praetorian Secure knows these threats and successful illegal ventures will never stop, but minimizing the impact, containing the breach, and responding quickly can lower the negative effects on an institution’s reputation and/or stock value.


government pillars

Government agencies have always been a prime target for attacks due to the amount of personal information they are protecting. We work with state/ local governments as well as defense/ intelligence agencies to prevent and monitor these threats. These agencies are also at an increased risk of attacks from both foreign and domestic criminals. These hackers carry out highly skilled assaults in an effort to steal sensitive data and disrupt and deface government websites. Praetorian Secure can provide its government customers with a customizable, field-proven solution to security, risk management, and remediation.


doctor healthcare

Healthcare companies from hospitals to medical device manufacturers and developers are constantly being targeted. Healthcare organizations continue to underestimate the high costs of data breaches due to compliance failure. To avoid this, Praetorian compares your security posture with others in the industry to ensure best management practices are in place.  This includes recommending or evaluating an electronic health record (EHR) system with an open architecture to integrate best in class information security systems and tools. This approach will allow Praetorian to minimize gaps in policies, and make sure solid procedures, controls, assurance and regulatory compliance processes are optimized daily.

Retail & Hospitality


Typically hackers target credit card information but there are also other risks involved for retailers, including any confidential information attached to that credit card. At Praetorian Secure we can mitigate the risk for your company, reducing your chance of becoming the next target. Praetorian Secure has plenty of experience helping retailers achieve and maintain compliance. We have also helped clients in the Hospitality Industry become more secure and efficient by implementing multi-tiered data protection services at a competitive rate. When you hire us as your third-party consultant you never have to worry about a data breach or maintaining your internal infrastructure. At Praetorian Secure, we offer to help retailers and hospitality clients become Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliant. We have multiple PCI- Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs), and also offer a variety of Managed Security Services that can help support your companies overall compliance standing.

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