Within energy companies worldwide, cyber threats and successful intrusions continue to increase every day and many governments are treating these crimes as an act of war.

The defense of energy resources, distribution and storage not only costs billions, but the cost of human life is possible should loss of control at a power plant occur due to poor IT Security or non-compliance .

Praetorian Secure understands the need to lock down a company’s network infrastructure and access as they are one of biggest targets for cyber criminals and disgruntled employees within today’s hacking community.  Praetorian Secure has programs, processes, and experts ready to harden IT environments and implement compliance measures to meet regulations and standards.

  • Utilities & power distribution – electric, oil & gas, clean coal, renewables (bio fuel, solar, wind, fuel cell), nuclear – generation, storage & waste
  • Protecting Smart Grid complexity from cyber criminals & disgruntled employees hacking networks, accessing employee & customer account information, and manipulating control systems (hardwired and wireless SCADA, PLC’s, MCC’s)

Security program components – risk management and information assurance, monitoring, employee security awareness training, incident response, FISMA/NIST and ISO compliance audits to meet US Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, Energy Protection Agency, Department of Defense, and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Praetorian Secure has the knowledge and processes to tailor a cost effective and successful IT Security and Regulatory Compliance program for energy companies.

Our programs go beyond basic monitoring and integrate with each energy customer’s unique environment to ensure mission critical operations remain protected.

As a proud veteran owned company, Praetorian Secure is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).