Banks, brokerage firms, mortgage lenders, credit unions, insurance companies and financial clearing houses are fighting cybercrimes and threats more than any other industry.

We see, hear or read every day about specialized malware designed to clean out or skim financial accounts, identity hijacking, phishing scams and hackers focused on circumventing regulations.

Praetorian Secure knows these threats and successful illegal ventures will never stop, but minimizing the impact, containing the breach, and responding quickly can lower the negative effects on an institution’s reputation and/or stock value.

Praetorian focuses on implementing a complete proactive approach to IT Security and Regulatory Compliance for financial and insurance companies that may include all of the following:

  • Best management practices for combating latest malware, viruses, and phishing threats
  • Program development for security architecture, identity management, and intrusion detection and response
  • Implement the latest encryption and tokenization technologies
  • Reduce operational threats through Risk Management & Information Assurance
  • Stay current and implement policies based on laws and standards issued by: FTC, HHS, FDIC, NCUA, OTS, OCC, FFIEC, ISO, NIST, ISACA
  • Construct security programs to meet both state and federal data regulations: PCI-DSS, SOx, GLBA, FERPA, HIPAA/HITECH, ePHI, PII

Truly effective information security occurs when there is a continuous effort of integrating processes, people, and technology designed to mitigate vulnerabilities and reduce compliance gaps.

Experienced in performing comprehensive assessments and identifying acceptable risk tolerance levels, Praetorian Secure security engineers have proven methodologies and processes to give financial and insurance executives the tools to harden their networks and protect their most valued asset – information.

As a proud veteran owned company, Praetorian Secure is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).