Information systems within the industrial marketplace, manufacturers and distributors, as well as producers of electricity, oil, natural gas, and water offer an unique exposure of risk to hackers or inside threats.

The purpose is typically focused on disruption, but the results can be devastating to our national resources and security. For instance, reversing flow or valve control of sewage by gaining remote access to a SCADA control system would endanger public or employee health or safety and cause significant economic loss.

industIn addition to electronic field operations, manufacturers are susceptible to additional internal and external network security threats as they exchange data with ERP/CRM applications, mail servers, supply-chain inventory systems and procurement order systems with their vendors and customers.

Praetorian Secure provides the following cost effective solutions to secure networks and data exchange, remote automated operations and information assurance compliance:

  • Compliance Management of regulations for ISO, ANSI/ISA and CFR
  • Complete IT Security programs and tools for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), SCADA, PLC, motor control centers (MCC), TCP/IPĀ  web applications and virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Harden network core logistics functions to third-party logistics providers (3PLP) & warehouse management systems (WMS)
  • Implement of intrusion prevention system (IPS), vulnerability assessments and dashboard monitoring

Investment in information security ensures industrial companies can maintain business continuity. For companies focused on TQM, Six Sigma and continuous improvement initiatives, maintaining a secure network and data posture is at the heart of these programs risk aversion.

The goal for industrial based operations is to provide comprehensive protection against network-level and content-level threats without degrading performance of critical applications, data integrity, and network availability.

Praetorian’s results optimize network availability throughout product lifecycles to support discrete manufacturing processes, supply chain integration, and reduce cycle times to minimize costs.

Praetorian Secure is proud to be called a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).