The operational efficiency of law enforcement agencies and the legal profession relies heavily on the security advancement of computer systems and networks.

In modern police stations and law practices, the ability to collect and share information immediately has given the investigator(s) or lawyer(s) the tools to locate, convict, and/or acquit criminals in an expedited fashion.

Praetorian Secure understands the need to find and share information, but the distribution and access over networks and wireless connections have increased the need for information systems security.  Praetorian Secure provides the following key IT Security and Regulatory Compliance services to the legal & Law enforcement market.

Legal & Law Enforcement Services:

  • Consulting for standardized methodology for cyber-law adherence and compliance
  • Security Consulting
  • Implementing justice/legal information-sharing system integration – NCIC, CJIS, CCIPS, NLets, ABA
  • Vulnerability and Risk assessment(s)
  • Risk & Policy Management
  • Penetration Testing Services
  • Access, identification technologies, cyber-crime investigation and forensic processes
  • Securing records management systems (RMS) that capture, maintain, and analyze information

Praetorian Secure combats electronic penetrations, data thefts, and cyber-attacks on critical legal and law enforcement information systems.  As an example, increased wireless intrusions into electronic dispatch systems used by police officers are on the rise, and hardening these systems and building a risk management based approach to mitigate breaches of security is how Praetorian Secure ensures protection.

Praetorian Secure is proud to be called a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).