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As the need for mobile devices to be utilized by business increases, the security planning and programs put in place to address these areas needs to grow as well. The realization that personal and business data now have the potential to overlap on devices brings serious hurdles with the overall security posture of an organization.Mobile Risk ManagementMobile Risk AssessmentMobile Risk AssessmentMobile Risk Assessment

Praetorian Secure provides Mobile Risk Management to our clients to assist with identifying the balance between business-owned data and the privacy of personal information. As enterprise infrastructures grow, and the need for mobile technology remains high, it is imperative that organizations maintain a constant stranglehold on the security of these devices, the internal policies for utilizing these devices, and an overall monitoring solution which protects both the business and the individual employee.

Our Mobile Risk Management solution provides:

  • Expert planning and strategy for implementing an effective Mobile Device policy
  • Monitoring capability for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) environments
  • Third-party assessment and analysis of your current mobile enterprise
  • Governance and Compliance planning for the infrastructure

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