Achieving true NIST compliance can be a complex task for many, riddled with many new challenges and guidelines. These guidelines were developed by The National Institute of Standards and Technology and there are multiple variations of NIST frameworks such as NIST SP 800-71, NIST SP 800-53, and more. Our experts have been helping transform customers compliance needs into effortless solutions, from a security risk to a competitive advantage, all by leveraging expertise, leading practices, and forward-focus. Contact us here directly or via phone at +1 (855) 519-7328 to budget for supporting government contract requirements or assistance with a security compliance program developed using NIST as a framework.

Praetorian Secure has trained and certified CISSP experts on staff to assist organizations with translating NIST 800-53. Our regulatory compliance professionals can assist with system categorization, security control selection and implementation, and documentation artifact creation. As Navy Certified Validators and former U.S. Army Agents of the Certifying Authority, we integrate with our client’s project team, for the purpose of supplementing expertise and translating requirements.

Our compliance experts can assist in reducing the cost and complexity that typically accompanies the roll-out of NIST security, risk management framework strategies, and processes. Praetorian Secure will identify and implement the appropriate risk management and information assurance program necessary to be compliant with NIST 800-53 standards, NIST 800-37 Risk Management Framework and ensure all of your organization’s assets and services remain secure.


Praetorian Secure's List of Commonly Practiced NIST-800 Special Publications

  • 800-53 Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations
  • 800-53a Assessing Security Controls
  • 800-37 Guide for Applying the Risk Management Framework
  • 800-48 Wireless Network Security
  • 800-35 IT Security Services
  • 800-42 Guideline on Network Security Testing
  • 800-50 IT Security Awareness and Training Program
  • 800-34 Contingency Planning for IT Systems
  • 800-41 Guidelines on Firewalls and Firewall Policy
  • 800-44 Securing Public Web Servers
  • 800-45 Email Security
  • 800-47 Interconnection IT Systems

This is not an exhaustive list of compliance frameworks we support for more information about our compliance service solutions contact us.

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