Physical security assessments are often overlooked when reviewing an organization’s cybersecurity policy and procedures. Internal audits are good for spot checks but tend to lack credibility with compliance auditors. Having a consultant like Praetorian Secure analyze your Physical security is the best way to make sure that your processes are being followed and your physical security meets compliance standards.

As former Agent of the Certification Authority (ACA) for the Department of the Army, Praetorian Secure, LLC has experience in assessing the physical security of some of the country’s most secure facilities.

Our Physical Security Assessment takes into consideration many aspects of security such as Personnel, Maintenance, Media, etc.  In addition, the Physical Security assessment is a requirement for a wide variety of compliance initiatives. Our process of assessing the physical security of an organization involves:

Physical Security Assessment
  • Security policies and procedures
  • Facility operating procedures
  • Physical security systems
  • Electronic security
  • Assess whether or not your physical security meets compliance requirements
  • Prepare a Security Assessment Report with recommendations

At Praetorian Secure we take every aspect of security seriously. Our detailed reporting gives you the necessary information to fix your security holes and can reinforce that you were in compliance if a breach were to happen. To learn more about our physical security services you can contact us here or via phone at +1 (855) 519-7328.

Find A Physical Security Assesment that Fits Your Needs.