United Health

United Health Project Summary Overview

Praetorian Secure partnered with United Health to ensure compliance of information systems and technology to meet or exceed requirements of TRICARE’s NIST certification and accreditation. TRICARE has transitioned from the typical Department of Defense (DoD) Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) and has been formally appointing NIST as their official C&A process.

Validation assessments conducted in accordance with TRICARE’s official information assurance Security Test Plan and Evaluation Report (STP&ER); included a C&A effort, and ongoing technical and non-technical review of policies, systems, and appliances to develop program initiatives.

Praetorian’s qualified personnel augment United Health personnel to build internal project teams. Developed implementation project plans for the NIST IA Controls and ensures STIG compliance with the implementation of United’s new enclave. Manage the relationship and responses needed by government information assurance personnel. Typical duties include translation of Department of Defense requirements, culture, and processes. Support knowledge transfer and provide consulting advice for over 50 project team members. Support stakeholders and executives with timely feedback on project presentations, accomplishments and issues.

Applicable Skills

  • NIST Certified Practitioners
  • DIACAP and Information Assurance Experts
  • Experienced Agents of the Certifying Authority Representatives
  • Deep understanding of DoD Processes - Culture - and Personnel
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professionals
  • Unparalleled Security Software Tool Expertise
  • Project Planning and Governance
  • Strategic Alliances for Building Comprehensive Solutions

``Praetorian Secure was a knowledgeable and experienced component in our operation that provided expert services. Their professionalism and dedication to purpose in our critical solution was a necessary component in our overall success. Job well done! ``

Director - Office of Information Assurance and Compliance - United Health

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