Davison, Michigan: It’s been months in the works, but we are proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned website for Praetorian Secure, LLC. By updating our main site www.praetoriansecure.com, we’ve been able to improve navigation, connect customers with industry best software products, and provide enhanced education and information for companies regarding IT Security and Regulatory Compliance.


  • About Praetorian Secure. With a rich history in IT Security and Regulatory Compliance, Praetorian Secure remains one of the most trusted and experienced IT Security companies in the industry. Get news on company expansion plans and job creations, information on our partners and partner programs, and updates on various compliance measures.


  • Want to learn more about our software tools? Praetorian Secure has formed partnerships with some of the best software manufactures in the industry and now makes their products available for purchase through our website. The partnership directory provides greater company details on the products offered, as well as an option to receive a quote directly from Praetorian Secure.  Complete the Request a Product Quote to receive a quick quote and place your order today.


  • Looking for jobs? With opportunities located throughout the United States, we offer competitive salaries and excellent benefit packages to experienced and highly-skilled information technology security professionals.


  • Want an Advantage?  At Praetorian Secure, our expert staff and client service bring innovation, integrity and quality to all of our customers.  Contact Us today to learn more about what Praetorian Secure can do for you.


In addition to our new website design and easy navigation, you will benefit from its high functionality with a convenient quote process and latest industry news. Praetorian Secure is always dedicated to providing the highest level of service, and our new website is a platform to launch future products and services.  Some features that will be introduced later this year include product demos and webinars, which will allow you to connect immediately and directly with our team online for service right when you need it.