A visionary and leader in IT Security and Regulatory Compliance has announced significant incentives for customers looking to retain and/or obtain PCI-QSA services.


In efforts to grow the PCI-QSA Services and various software offerings, Chief Operating Officer Michael Ross announced today that Praetorian would be reducing their typical consulting fees by as much as 20% to assist in bringing on prospective clients.

It’s clear that with the uncertainty our country is facing with our financial crisis, that this is starting to have effects on the spending habits of organizations we have been in contact with”
said Mike Ross.

He added “for us to feel confident that our customers (or any prospects) would continue to invest at the current rate of PCI-QSA consulting, is rather foolish and presumptuous.

If we can reduce an organizations financial burden in meeting their PCI requirements, while still providing high-quality service, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

With PCI-DSS and other regulatory compliance requirements playing such a key role in business operations with a variety of industries, it is crucial to maximize on time and resources, while trying keep up with operational or day-to-day duties.


Praetorian Secure feels confident that they can offer their PCI-QSA services at a reduced rate in comparison with their competitors, while not reducing the quality and overall integrity of the compliance requirements.

Classified as a small business, Praetorian can bring the level of intimacy needed for validations and compliance reviews to the whole spectrum of a business relationship.

Unlike most PCI-QSA companies, they are not held to the task of meeting outlandish financial overhead burdens and therefore only assign certified and qualified security engineers to every project.

It is clear from day-one of working with Praetorian Secure that they take each customer very seriously and do not throw resources on projects with a “staffing agency” mind-set.


Praetorian Secure, LLC is a PCI-Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) whose focus is designed to help organizations of all sizes prepare, better protect and validate cardholder data security wherever it is processed, stored or transmitted.

With the state-of-the-art processes and quality assurance programs that emphasize implementing a prioritized approach, executing effective assessment procedures, consulting on remediation tactics to meet compliance requirements and generating required documentation, Praetorian Secure truly integrates well into our customers environment.