Companies are constantly trying to meet strict timelines when developing applications and that is why Secure DevOps is becoming favored over agile and waterfall methodologies. With the increased emphasis on quick iterations and competitive pressures security and compliance priorities are experiencing challenges. Mostly because security tools, processes, and policies need to be modified to ensure we are still managing risk without sacrificing the competitive edge and speed of releasing new features to customers. Secure Development Operations requires integrating tools into the development toolchain without slowing the speed of development.

Praetorian Secure's Secure Common Challenges of DevOps

  • DevOps requires automation to achieve its goals. Security and risk analysis process flow the pace of development without re-engineering to match the pace of development.
  • Security - development - and operations teams are typically siloed. Development teams are focused on development schedules. Security and operations teams typically are not integrated until the code is ready for release in the later stages of development.
  • Most development teams are not knowledgeable about security. Priorities are focused on incremental feature releases.
  • Training on secure development and coding standards is an annual effort without daily reinforcement.
  • Application security tools were not designed for the current DevOps toolchain. Improved integration is progressing at a slower rate.
  • Compliance and risk management analysis slows the pace of development without planning and integration with DevOps.
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Secure DevOps

How Can We Help?

  • Complete gap analysis of development policies, process, and tools.
  • Solution development for integration of tools and processes to improve programs. Removing silos between stakeholders. Managing risk and security at the speed of automation.
  • Advisory services directed at how to improve security and compliance in development operations.
  • Strategies for bringing secure coding standards and training into the DevSecOps.
  • Consulting and pilot programs to build out development and security operations.
  • Managed services for development security operation from the cloud.
  • Contact our DevSecOps and Source Code testing experts to build-out a solution that is perfect for your enterprise.

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