By Challenge

In today’s environment, the presence of Cyber threats is growing quickly, the number of security challenges businesses face on a day-to-day basis expands, making it harder for companies to manage key security elements within their business. We can provide a magnitude of different services, solving complex challenges along the way, with solutions from compliance to Cloud. Our team assures your development operations are secure and deadlines are met, all while crafting a high-quality security environment along the way.

At Praetorian Secure we understand that without the right team in place these things become a challenge. That is why we offer solutions based on the real challenges our clients have faced, allowing them an easier way to find the perfect security plan. Our primary goals when handling these complex security challenges is simple, reduce confusion, internal effort, and cost. If you are still interested in our services but want to learn more feel free to take a look at the various options below or get started today by contacting our team here.

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Continuous Compliance

Coordinate compliance across multiple divisions decreasing day-to-day efforts while gaining assurance that your assets are secure.

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Cloud Security

Secure your cloud environment with our various cloud security management packages perfect for any organization.

IoT round

IoT Defense

Improve peace of mind when dealing with the connected world, let our security engineers do the work.

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IT Security Testing & Scanning

Protect your assets and improve your applications in an everchanging environment with our various testing & scanning services.

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Manage Security Operations

We provide field-tested Managed Security Services, acting as your personal security team, exposing threats in real-time.

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Secure DevOps

The days of uncoordinated DevOps plans are over, we offer automation and insight into the SDLC, meeting your TTM goals.

We Provide Custom Solutions, Perfect for Any Client!