Direct Risk Management(DRM)





In 2002, While working with large global security organizations and researching leading edge security technologies, DirectRM (DRM) founders identified the industries weaknesses with respect to mobility. DRM envisioned that to accommodate this rapidly growing mobility industry, security would be the weakness link.  DRM developed an integrated security solution to address what is known today as “Bring Your Own Device” trend which has serious implications and repercussions with network access control.  After eight years of research and development, DRM was formed in October 2010 and released our first product, Direct Authenticator, our secure Access Management Platform.

DRM’s initial focus was on solving one of the most pressing computer security concerns: Authentication and Identity Theft. In response, the company created “Direct Authenticator” a complete security suite based on DRM’s innovative 6A’s Security Architecture with an emphasis on a strong two factor strong authentication.  In the process, DRM has developed leading edge cyber security solutions for Access Management and Identity/Transaction protection which are proprietary, innovative and state of the art.   Example:

  •     Secure Virtual Wallet with Secure Quick Response (QR) for mobile payments.
  •     Secure Virtual Wallet with a key pad for One Time Passwords.
  •     Client-less “invisible” token which is web browser dependent.
  •     Secure Smart Card with event based One Time Password (OTP).

DRM’s authentication technology offering can be implemented and utilized for many critical operations:

  •     Conduct Mobile Payments
  •     Point-of-Sales transactions
  •     e-Commerce
  •     Access to Financial Services
  •     Identity and Access Management
  •     Secure ATM transactions
  •     Secure Access to SaaS and Cloud applications

DRM’s foundation is built upon strong team building.  Every member at DRM contributes to the success of the company.

Call Praetorian Secure, our representatives will work with your organization to customize a solution that meets your needs.  Praetorian Secure representatives understand budget constraints and the need for the seamless integration of new tools and functionality.  Praetorian Secure will work with your organization to ensure both a solution within budget and a seamless integration.