ensuratec_smEnsuratec is a global provider of advanced intelligent security solutions that allow you to do more with what you already have. Whether it is advanced analytics for SIEM systems or next generation intelligent systems to stop code injection attacks, Ensuratec has a commitment to improve the assurance of your company’s
security infrastructure.

We are a pioneer in the development of intelligent computer systems to protect critical IT infrastructures from complex cyber- attacks. Earlier generations of security and compliance solutions cannot keep up with today’s cyber threats due to their technical limitations. Ensuratec has developed new innovative solutions that allow IT organizations to enhance their current security solutions for defending against new modern cyber security threats.

Our approach is tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers, reduce risks, and to ensure ongoing protection in a world of continuously emerging cyber threats. At Ensuratec, we are always learning, exploring, and looking for new ways to put our knowledge and experience to work.

The company goal is to improve the security posture of key critical corporate assets. Ensuratec leverages scientific expertise and security engineering leadership to develop solutions to meet the infrastructure protection challenges faced by private sector, law enforcement, and national security communities.

Ensuratec has a commitment to improve the communities in which it works and lives. Our culture of learning and leading-edge security products engineering, focused on people and results, allow us to make a positive impact on our society by strengthening our ties with the people living in these communities and with those using our products. Ensuratec is dedicated to advancing the discipline of cyber security through imagination, technical excellence, and an unparalleled passion for our work.