Ground Labs is a unique cardholder data discovery software company creating security and auditing products and designed to assist Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

As a value added reseller, Praetorian Secure provides Ground Labs Card Recon and Card Recon Enterprise Edition.  Ground Labs strives to deliver benefits for merchants that process credit cards, acquirers, and PCI QSAs who use our products to achieve the following functions:

  • Identify storage risks associated with Payment Card Data
  • Identify handling and transmission risks associated with Payment Card Data
  • Produce accurate reports for use in PCI audit and Merchant Self-Assessment
  • Reduce the opportunity for Payment Card Data theft to occur

Card Recon

Card Recon will accurately scan a file system to identify non-compliant storage of payment card numbers issued by major credit card schemes including American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard and Visa. Card Recon is a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance data-at-rest scanning solution for servers and desktops that is trusted by some of the most recognized global brands and provides:

  • Deep inspection scanning techniques scans across all accessible files to achieve unrivaled levels of accuracy and faster discovery of stored payment card data.
  • Identification of stored credit cardholder data across many formats
  • Ability to identify credit cardholder information stored within emails.
  • Clear, concise and detailed report on findings which can be used for in-house or external PCI reviews.
  • Reports that contain a full breakdown of results and can be exported in multiple file formats including PDF, CSV and XML.

Card Recon Enterprise Edition

Card Recon Enterprise Edition is a centralized PCI management platform for identifying non-compliant storage of sensitive credit Cardholder Data. Card Recon Enterprise Edition is an advanced auditing framework to centrally identify systems which are storing sensitive credit Cardholder Data in a manner that is not compliant with PCI standards. Card Recon Enterprise Edition delivers organizations the benefit of lower PCI compliance costs by reducing the effort required to maintain PCI compliance.  Card Recon Enterprise Edition provides:

  • Unrivaled payment card detection capabilities eliminating 99% of all false positive.
  • Compatibility and scale, offering support for all modern versions of Windows and Linux, and specialist node support for enterprise platforms including HP-UX (IA64/PA-RISC), Solaris (x86/SPARC) and AIX (pSeries).
  • Supports remote site deployments using low-bandwidth networks.
  • Card Recon Enterprise Edition Node deployments that require low system resources to conduct a scan.
  • Development in partnership with qualified PCI DSS QSAs

Praetorian Secure Has Partnered With Ground Labs

Ground Labs Card Recon and Card Recon Enterprise Edition solutions provide a valuable tool that can assist your organizations efforts to meet PCI requirements by identifying non-compliant storage of credit cardholder data.  Call Praetorian Secure, our representatives will work with your organization to customize a solution that meets your needs.

Praetorian Secure representatives understand budget constraints and the need for the seamless integration of new tools and functionality.

Praetorian Secure will work with your organization to ensure both a solution within budget and a seamless integration of Card Recon or Card Recon Enterprise Edition.  Praetorian Secure will streamline the integration process assisting you with the all phases from acquisition through implementation and continuing support.