Onapsis X1

Onapsis X1 TM is the industry’s first comprehensive solution for the security assessment of ERP systems and business-critical applications, currently supporting SAP® NetWeaverTM and R/3® business solutions.

About Onapsis X1

The product enables organizations to perform continuous and automated IT Security & Compliance Audits, Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests of their SAP platform. Using Onapsis X1, organizations can decrease financial fraud risks, enforce compliance requirements and reduce audit costs drastically.

Using our patent-pending technology, Onapsis X1 automatically discovers and connects to every SAP system in the organization and detects the growing number of security risks that can result in espionage, sabotage and fraud attacks to the critical business information. As a result, organizations are provided with a wide-range of actionable reports that allow them to manage and reduce their existing risks appropriately.

Furthermore, through the Onapsis X1 exclusive BizRisk IllustratorTM technology, organizations can safely and easily demonstrate the real business risks implied by the existing technical weaknesses.