Prolific Solutions proVM and proGD

Prolific Solutions, better aggregate vulnerability data and automate key DoD tools.



Praetorian Secure is a value added reseller and provider of Prolific Solution’s proVM and proGD tools. In addition, Praetorian Secure coordinates installation, configuration and maintenance to ensure your product use occurs in a timely manner.

Imagine your system and network administrators spending less time aggregating vulnerability data after scanning engagements for Certification and Accreditation (C&A), compliance scans, or performing patch management, and more time securing your infrastructure. proVM Auditor provides meaningful views of vulnerability data from various vulnerability assessment tool outputs in minutes rather than the manual processes that used to take days and weeks.

proVM Auditor

proVM Auditor is a great addition to any company that performs vulnerability scanning or is audited by information security companies that conduct vulnerability scans (e.g., an ASV for PCI compliance).  Organizations that have to attain compliance with any of the myriad compliance verticals need to be able to understand which vulnerabilities affect their critical infrastructure.  And more often than not, scanning with one tool just doesn’t cut it.

proVM Auditor not only consolidates and aggregates vulnerability data from 20+ scanning tools, but it plays an integral part of the vulnerability management process.  This includes tracking known vulnerabilities, false positives, and vulnerabilities that have mitigation in place effectively reducing their risk.  It is a great tool to use ahead of an audit, and for the companies that conduct audits, it’s a great way to leave the client with an amazingly useful deliverable – the same day you conclude the assessment.

proGD Replaces DISA Gold Disk

The first iteration of DISA Gold Disk required system administrators to log onto every device and use the Gold Disk console to perform scans to ensure compliance with DISA STIGs.

DISA recognized the resource-intensity of this approach and wisely created a non-interactive mode that would allow administrators to cover all of the checks DISA Gold Disk automated via command prompt – without having to use the user interface.

proGD was designed to allow users to scan multiple targets simultaneously using DISA’s Gold Disk. On our own contracts, we have been able to kick off 500 Gold Disk scans in 15 minutes. We have clients that scan their entire enterprise (6000+ devices) seamlessly with proGD.

  •    Saves significant time and resources
  •    Uses the Gold Disk Non-interactive mode
  •    Unobtrusive to users
  •    Minimal bandwidth utilization
  •    Works with domain accounts or local accounts
  •    No longer do admins have to rely on samples
  •    Allows scheduling
  •    Can be run from command prompt