The supply chain for software has become diverse some being developed internally while other are provided from third-party vendors in many cases without a clear assurance of the applications inherent security profile or understanding of the number of vulnerabilities introduced through operation. One thing is for certain security minded professionals are working to assess the risks profile in order to prioritize remediation’s and limit vulnerabilities or poorly secured code to protect against loss of sensitive data, advanced threats, and exposures impacting the reputation of their respective company.

Speed your innovations to market — without sacrificing security. We help the world’s largest enterprises reduce global application-layer risk across web, mobile and third-party applications.

Web applications are the #1 attack vector for data breaches, yet only 10% of enterprises test all their critical applications for resilience against cyberattacks.  Why? Because traditional application security slows down innovation.  Veracode offers a simpler and more scalable approach for reducing application-layer risk across your entire global software infrastructure — including web, mobile and third-party applications.

There has been a shift to application-level attacks as a way to gain access to the sensitive and valuable information they handle. According to Gartner and the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), 75% of new attacks target the application layer and software vulnerabilities have reached an all-time high – with more than 7,000 new vulnerabilities disclosed over the last year.2

Our Software Assurance and Code Validation Security Engineer’s  can provide software/code analysis and review in support of your mobile application development and compliance program. Having provided these services in the past, Praetorian Secure is prepared to provide a dedicated resource with expert knowledge of the various software security practices and compliance requirements (NIST, PCI-DSS).

Veracode Benefits:

It’s Systematic: Our program managers help you reduce enterprise security risk by implementing structured governance
programs, backed by world-class experts in application security. am text block. Click edit button to change this text.

It’s End-to-End: Our single central platform covers web, mobile and legacy applications, from the SDLC
to IT operations to the software supply chain and open source.

It’s Built for Scale: Our cloud-based service was purpose-built for the speed and scale required to secure applications enterprise-wide.m text block. Click edit button to change this text.