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First, Adapt Your Cyber Security Operations –  Then You Can Reach New Heights – Aligning Your People, Processes, & Technology.

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Security Operations - What's the point?

At Praetorian Secure Cyber Security Operations are strategically designed to address your unique security concerns and improve your overall security program needs.

Praetorian Secure has a diverse range of security services and deep cyber security knowledge. We will develop an innovative solution to meet your needs. As part of the cyber security service, we act as your partner to provide meaningful and actionable guidance to exceed your goals and objectives.

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More Money, More Problems? Technology Cannot Be Improved By An Inflated Budget. It Takes The Right Team Who Has The Skills, Experience & Determination To Properly Achieve Success.

Managed Security Testing

Managed Security Testing provides us with the opportunity to trend your performance over time if you would like. All our reports come with root cause analysis as standard but we can begin to extrapolate this data over multiple tests of the same application.

Vulnerability Management

We collaborate with the best VM partners in the industry, such as Qualys & Tenable to provide a stronger, well-rounded vulnerability management solution. Eliminate vulnerabilities while protecting IT assets.

Security Awareness Training

Bringing You The Latest Technologies That Enhance Your Process Of Identifying & Remediating Vulnerabilities Within Your Applications.

Threat Management

A number of different things can pose a threat to network security.  At Praetorian Secure we exercise due diligence to identify these threats for our customers and implement the best solution for prevention of these threats.

Physical Security Assessment


From access and policy management to surveillance and HVAC we can assist with the design and implementation of a physical security solution that is right for you.

Security Operations

In-House Security Operations Center Vs. VSOC (Virtual Security Operations Center) Cloud

When your company discovers they need a security operations center their first thought may be to in-house the operation. However, this may not be the best solution. Every organization should consider its options. For instance, your security needs may differ greatly from another organization. This is to say, you need a different cyber security operations solution that is compliant with your goals.

Your options would be in-house the operations, use a MSSP, or benefit from a VSOC Managed Security Solution. Below are some differences between the two alternative options so you can decide which works best for you.


  • Easy To Scale
  • Reduce Costs – operations, personnel, etc.
  • Quick Response Time
  • User-Friendly


  • Low Cost From Start
  • Enterprise Grade Security
  • Get The Benefits Of Using Our Experts
  • Be Combine Managed Services For Ultimate Security Package

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