pen-testingThe Identification and Assessment of Risks is a Very Important Component of Compliance Risk Management.


For just about every organization and company as it relates to IT security, compliance risk management consists of identifying critical assets, recognizing threats, implementing remediation and mitigation, and accepting a level of tolerance.  The key is identification of risk prior to a compliance effort to ensure risk and compliance objectives are in parallel.

Praetorian Secure’s Risk Management program promotes a continuous process of identifying risks, creating plans to address those risks, acting on those plans, and monitoring the results of the actions.


The following are benefits for instituting a solid compliance risk management program:

  • Most businesses need to take some risks to gain a competitive edge.
  • Creates a common language for Business and IT leaders and a knowledge base of all critical assets.
  • Identifies and assesses the character and vulnerability of critical assets.
  • Presents possible consequences and appropriate strategies to deal with risks.
  • Promotes recurrent and continuous strategy on reducing risk exposure.

Compliance Benefits


Risk assessment benefits compliance in several ways.  Compliance standards are integrating requirements for risk assessment for use in prioritizing remediation of weaknesses and allocating future budgets. Essentially identifying risk will improve risk reduction and ensure efficiency in reaching your compliance objectives.

The primary goal of any security program should be to protect the organization and not just organizational IT assets. If properly implemented, Praetorian Secure’s program supports all business stakeholders who must deal with compliance, risk management, competing resource requirements, and provides the basis for investment in information security risk management.


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