Praetorian Secure can assist with all aspects of creating a mobile solution development, with the goal of providing a useful and secure mobile experience.

Mobile Solution Development


Praetorian Secure will work with your organization to answer the questions below and create a mobile device solution that adequately addresses your risk, is secure and considers whatever specific compliance requirements that you might have.

Five questions to ask when creating a mobile security Solution:


Which mobile devices will we support?
How will the information be accessed?
What is the risk profile of the individual using the devices?
How can we be proactive?
When should we say no?

Mobile Security Policy Written, Now Consider the Technical Implementation for a Mobile Solution:

Subsequent to your policy development and in accordance with policy, it becomes time for further assessments and time to harden your mobile devices.  Praetorian Secure will assist your organization with the assessments and the hardening your organization’s mobile devices.

An example of our approach to securing mobile devices includes:

  • A risk assessment to understand the value and information processed by your mobile devices
  • An appraisal of what users are expecting out of mobile devices paired with protection practices.
  • The alignment of current security training and acceptable use policies to include proper usage of mobile devices.
  • The implementation of security settings according to best practices and compliancy requirements.
  • The formal documenting of an appropriate disposal policy and process, such that protected data is properly purged when a mobile device is decommissioned.
  • A thorough cost and benefit analysis of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach to mobile device implementations.

10 Key Considerations for Mobile Security:

  1. Strong Authentication
  2. Data Loss prevention
  3. Life-cycle management
  4. Malware protection
  5. Device compliance and anti theft methods
  6. Privacy controls
  7. SMS archiving
  8. Selective wipe capabilities
  9. URL filtering
  10. Over-the air (OTA) device management

Call Praetorian Secure for Mobile Solution Development

Praetorian Secure will provide the expertise to extend your current Information Security and Compliance staff.  Praetorian Secure will work with your staff to take a close look at the challenges your organization faces when integrating mobile device solutions into your network. The ultimate goal for any organization if finding the proper balance on the usability security scale that ensures adequate functionality and appropriate mobile security.