Security Assessment Services Are Even More Important With The Widespread Use of Computers and Increasing Computing Power Available in Desktop and Mobile Devices. Establish Performance Benchmarks and Periodic Reviews to Ensure a Good Security Posture Remains Effective.

Security Assessment


With the widespread use of computers and increasing computing power available in desktop and mobile computing devices, it is important to establish performance benchmarks and periodic reviews to ensure a security posture remains effective.

With our Security Assessment services, clients can be provided with an in-depth analysis of their network infrastructure and operational environment to gain a better understanding of the suitability and validity of their internal information systems, policies, and operations.

With specific deliverables targeting such things as Firewalls/Network Devices, and Web-Applications, to the Wireless Infrastructure and Physical Security, Praetorian Secure identifies the security threats to your organization and develops an effective plan for minimizing or eliminating the opportunity for those threats to impact the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your valuable assets.

Our Security Assessment Services provides:

  • Opportunity to compile an asset list and define the network, virtual and physical security perimeters
  • Identifying all potential threats – past, present & future
  • Evaluation against regulatory compliance requirements

It is important to remember that security threats are always changing, and keeping a company safe will require continual assessments of new threats. Praetorian Secure offers a wide variety of auditing services that allow an organization to safeguard its assets and maintain data integrity.

Our Security Assessment Services benefit:

  • Prioritizing vulnerabilities within your environment
  • Development of strategy for IT Security & Regulatory Compliance initiatives
  • Inclusion of IT Security Best Business Practices

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