data-secDatabase security does not begin with technical tasks, securing a database begins with understanding the criticality and sensitivity of data


 How to start securing a your database assets


Database security includes; understanding scope or number of assets, understanding regulatory compliance associated with the data, and then assessing the database security risk.  Database security as with any effort to secure an asset begins with understanding.  Praetorian Secure has the tools and the experience to give your company a better understanding of your database security risk by;

  • Creating an accurate inventory of databases on your network
  • Identifying Database vulnerabilities
  • Identify Excessive Privileged users
  • Recommend methods to hardening the operating system
  • Review network structure for any risk factors that could affect database security
  • Recommend database security software for monitoring and auditing.

Common issues needing review to secure databases


Praetorian Secure continues the process with assigning values to the information within the database systems.  Those systems containing critical and highly regulated systems will require a different level of controls than that system with less critical and unregulated data.  While it is important to protect all systems and all data within your network, a value assessment allows business process owners and business executives the opportunity to finely tune their security implementations.  Praetorian Secure will then use the assessment to tailor a program that will correct vulnerabilities, mitigate risk and harden your database systems.  Some of the areas that we review are:

  • Excessive Privilege Abuse
  • Legitimate Privilege Abuse
  • Privilege Elevation
  • Database Platform Vulnerabilities
  • SQL Injection
  • Weak Audit Trail
  • Denial of Service
  • Database Communication Protocol Vulnerabilities
  • Weak Authentication
  • Backup Data Exposure

Call Praetorian Secure, our representatives will work with your organization to customize a solution that meets your needs, within budget and integrates with your current policies. Praetorian Secures approach to database security takes a thorough and complete look at your organization’s security posture to ensure that your data is safe.