pen-testingThe Firewall Configuration Security Review is a detailed analysis and review of a firewall and network components that have been implemented within your organization to protect information, applications, systems and overall business operations.

Examine the Firewall Configuration


Our review examines potential vulnerabilities, attacks and exploits, and miss-configurations that would allow an outsider to penetrate these network perimeter devices and gain potential unauthorized access to network resources.  By nature, firewalls and other network devices are complex systems that by their function restrict or grant network connectivity to and from the Internet.  Initial configuration and modification to “out-of-the-box” devices is typically required to meet our client’s business needs, and with that comes the potential unintentionally permitting access to a protected asset.


Patch management is important


While most organizations do a fair job when it comes to the patching of most of these devices, they tend to not focus on some of the risk exposure and threats that are introduced to some of the frequent rule changes that take place to meet operational commitments and business requirements.


Review the configuration at least annual or upon changes


Praetorian’s Firewall Configuration Security Reviews help the organization to verify that their firewalls and switch/router devices adequately protect critical business information and data as required, and account for these operational modifications. Many of the regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS, HIPPA/HITECH and NIST require periodic reviews of such devices.


Approach and tools are important to be successful and secure


At Praetorian Secure, LLC our mission is to help our clients to improve and maintain their security perimeter against the potential exploits that would disrupt business operations and data; and steal, modify or destroy sensitive information. Our services are not limited to one firewall manufacturer and actually cover a much broader range of products such as firewalls, switches and routers.

Using internally developed best practices as well as cutting-edge review tools, Praetorian Secure will identify vulnerabilities exposed both internally and externally to your network architecture. In addition, we will recommend effective ways to address these potential vulnerabilities, all while maintaining your regulatory requirements like PCI-DSS, NIST, and HIPAA.

Our Firewall Configuration Security Review can be included in an on-going compliance consulting package that you may have contracted with us, or as completely separate business engagement.  Our engineers can be available to perform these reviews on-site or remotely depending on the arrangement that best suits your business requirements.

All engagements end with complete vulnerability identification discovery discussion and report to our clients, as well as recommended avenues of mitigation/remediation of the presented findings from our review.