pci-qsaHaving an unsecured network is like leaving the front door to your house open with your flat screen television in plain view. It is a temptation that even the most honest person has a hard time walking away from.

Unfortunately, too many networks are in-place without a focus on security and network device reviews as a key component of system engineering.  Most companies base their IT dollars simply on the need for more space, larger bandwidth, and faster distribution rather than considering the risk impact of security when making equipment choices and designing the network architecture.


Praetorian Secure Network Device Reviews examine security of devices in-depth:

  • Usage policies – Review policies as they relate to Network security
  • Risk – Identify risk to your network, network resources and Data with risk rankings.
  • Existing  network security change  processes
  • Incident Response plans.
  • Network device vulnerabilities
  • Network design of new our existing network


Praetorian Secure delivers network device reviews that are in accordance with industry best practices, Governmental compliance and ensures credibility and availability.  Praetorian Secure will also deliver a detailed report of all findings and recommendations at the end of each network device review.  The report will identify high-severity findings and risk exposures along with difficulty and time to remediate.

With experience in both Commercial and DoD networks, Praetorian Secure has the right tools and experience to perform your network device review.