pci-qsaEach year our family goes to a resort that promotes that they are a “secure resort with limited access”.Yet the code for the front gate and elevator has not changed in 5 years!

Physical security seems simple just assign someone to change the codes once a week, but what happens when that person leaves? Do you have a process for tracking an employee’s security access when they are no longer employed? Do you know the entire security tasks that they performed?

Praetorian Secure, LLC can help you answer the questions that you have about Physical security by performing a physical Security Assessment that examines:

  • Security policies and procedures
  • Facility operating procedures
  • Physical security systems
  • Electronic security
  • Review physical security compared to your Company’s compliance requirements
  • Prepare a Security Assessment Report with recommendations

Internal audits are good for spot checks, but tend to lack credibility with compliance auditors. Having a consultant like Praetorian Secure, LLC review your Physical security is the best way to make sure that your processes are being followed and that your security devices are up to the task that they have been assigned .
As former Agent of the Certification Authority (ACA) for the Department of the Army, Praetorian Secure, LLC has plenty of experience in the area of Physical Security assessments at some of the country’s most secure facilities as well as commercial experience since that time.

Call Praetorian Secure, our representatives will work with your organization to customize a solution that meets your needs, within budget and integrates with your current policies. We are a Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) registered for all contracting opportunities.