SAP Security Assessment





As industry proven experts in the field of IT Security and Regulatory Compliance, Praetorian Secure has expanded our security services and enterprise service offerings into the world of critical business applications and SAP landscapes.


While organizations are faced with the difficult task of attaining and maintaining multiple compliance verticals, our latest offering should reduce the burden of addressing all of the privacy regulations, segregation of duties requirements, and of course access control restrictions that are imperative for limiting access to business transactions.


Armed with the industries best SAP security tool, Praetorian Secure can identify issues with SAP User Roles and Profiles, or assist with the partial/full Role Design.  By performing a simple access control audit, our services can easily identify vulnerabilities or deficiencies in existing environments.


Our highly-skilled security engineers will work with your SAP team to understand the complexity of the problem, determine the most appropriate fix action and remedy the issue.  The end result is a compliant environment that is optimized for future performance and thus, minimizing the likelihood of future risk.


Praetorian Secure offers a variety of SAP Assessment services such as:


  • SAP Penetration Testing
  • SAP Vulnerability Assessment
  • SAP Security Assessment
  • SAP PCI Compliance Assessment


With SAP Penetration Testing, we simulate the various avenues utilize for malicious attacks.  As we discover more and more about your SAP Landscape we detect existing vulnerabilities and demonstrate a simulated exploitation.  Our customers don’t receive any degradation in their current operations and all of the exploits will be documented and reported.


Our SAP Vulnerability Assessment services can be utilized to identify critical vulnerabilities affecting your current SAP platform and application layer.  Upon completion of the SAP Vulnerability Assessment, our clients receive detailed reports with suggested remediation activities and SAP security engineering techniques.


While the SAP Vulnerability Assessment can be likened to a “black-box” testing procedure, our SAP Security Assessment is more closely-related to that of the “white-box” flavor of testing.  With this service our customers will become familiar with existing vulnerabilities affecting the SAP Landscape (including Operating System and Database layers).  As with all of our professional assessments, our clients receive detailed reports of our findings and suggested remediation plans for potential fix-actions.


Lastly, as certified PCI-QSA in good standing with the PCI-SSC, we offer SAP PCI Compliance Assessment services to those customers that process cardholder information and must comply with PCI-DSS regulations.  Our assessment will focus on PCI-DSS specific requirements and identify areas of non-compliant control points.  In addition, Praetorian Secure will provide a detailed Executive Summary of compliant and non-compliant PCI-DSS control points and technical recommendations on correcting non-compliant controls.