Threat assessment is one strategy of IT Security that requires commitment and diligence in using all tools and processes, and finding innovated ways to combat threats from both inside the wall and
from the external perimeter.

It is being repeated every day in the news and at IT conferences that malicious intent and the loss of confidential data is causing enormous financial losses and corresponding legal liabilities.

Not all threats are of malicious intent and Praetorian Secure also considers user ignorance which is causing vital information to be compromised.

Praetorian Secure understands today’s Threat assessment and management programs can be overwhelming as they typically produce large volumes of data logs, and technical solutions can be troublesome due to maintenance.

Praetorian Secure uses industry knowledge base, streamlined software and system solutions to maintain a reliable Threat assessment and management solution:

  • Keep up with vulnerability alerting services – SANS, CERT, BugTaq, Microsoft, UNIRAS, X-Force
  • Keep up with underground hacker sites and hacking development sites
  • Implement threat detection, action and evaluation automated analysis and tactics
  • Action alerts solutions use are based on a risk scoring model

The one size threat assessment fits all mentality either from the appliance/hardware vendor or software developers will ultimately allow an information system to be compromised unless other support programs such as Threat Management are taken into consideration.

Praetorian Secure applies your risk management model to how threats are identified and appropriate actions take place per the written control policies.

Praetorian Secure’s approach institutes both offensive and defensive threat assessment measures including enterprise awareness and making sure proven automated embedded security tools function properly together.